The Mayor of Ripon

The Current Mayor of Ripon is Cllr Pauline McHardy

Inviting the Mayor

You are welcome to invite the Mayor to an event to do so please either write to the Mayor at the Town Hall, Ripon, HG4 1DD or download the invitation form or email

Invitation Form

Protocol for the Mayor

The Mayor is the first citizen of the city and therefore certain protocol is followed:

The office of Mayor is apolitical and represents the city at all Civic and Ceremonial occasions. The Mayor is by charter “The first citizen” and takes precedence over all other dignitaries in the city except for Her Majesty the Queen, members of the Royal family and the Lord-Lieutenant.

The Mayor’s Role – Speeches

The role of the Mayor is to assist you in celebrating and recognising achievements and milestones. As the First Citizen the protocol should be for the Mayor to formally open an event or welcome guests or maybe present awards. Given the numerous and varied events each year we appreciate that every function is unique. Please feel free to contact the Mayor’s Office if you need to discuss arrangements. If the Mayor is asked to speak then background information is always welcome.

How to address the Mayor

The formal title The Mayor is given irrespective of whether the Mayor is female or male. When introducing the Mayor or addressing her at a function the title “Madam Mayor” is used. The current Mayor is Councillor Pauline McHardy.

If the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Adrian Ian Morgan attends on behalf of the Mayor then the formal title is “Mister Deputy Mayor”.

More formally “The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Ripon” should be used when printing publications and invitation cards.

Timing of functions

To help us plan the Mayor’s diary we ask that you give some consideration to the most suitable arrival time and the departure time for the Mayor. It may be important for the Mayor to arrive just before a formal opening to allow time to get everyone into position or for the Mayor to arrive at a specific point during a function.

Arriving at a function

The Mayor should be met by someone from your organisation and escorted to the event, seat or hall as appropriate. We ask that you arrange for the Mayor to be introduced to those at the function and briefed about the order of the proceedings. If you would like a CV or background on the Mayor please contact the office.


To allow the Mayor to arrive on time we ask you to consider the most suitable parking area. The Mayor’s Serjeant must leave the car safely parked in order to escort the Mayor into a building. If parking is restricted, please let us know or suggest a possible alternative. We would ask you to consider offering the driver refreshments as a courtesy if the event is over a long period of time.

Please feel free to contact the Mayor’s office should you have any questions or would like to check availability of the Mayor.

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