City Councillors

Ripon City Council has 15 elected Councillors, 5 Councillors represent each of the three wards that Ripon has which are:

Minster Ward

Cllr S J Hawke

Cllr S A Martin MBE

Cllr Martin-Long

Cllr Mrs P McHardy

Cllr D H Todd

Moorside Ward

Cllr S E Brierley

Cllr C E Powell

Cllr M Waiting

Cllr M F Stanley

Cllr A Williams

Spa Ward

Cllr Mrs L Barnes OBE

CC M Bateman MBE

Cllr M Chambers MBE

Cllr P M Horton

Cllr A Skidmore

Here is a link to the Councillors’ Register of Interests

Councillors’ attendance at meetings from the beginning of the Mayoral Year can be viewed her

Councillor’s Attendance 2014/15

Councillor’s Attendance 2013/14