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This site is intended to give local residents and visitors information and news about Ripon, the council’s work and also links to local places to stay, shop, eat, and worship, and attractions and businesses.

Here you will also find news and information from Ripon City Council, its elected representatives, its meetings and the work it is doing across the city.

You can also find information on the Council’s finances, agendas and minutes for meetings and information on your local City Councillor.

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For information on Ripon City Plan please see the new website:  www.riponcityplan.com

Job Vacancy

We are looking for a versatile & organised Office Assistant to support the administrative work of the City Council at the heart of the City on a fixed term contract until 31.03.15. Duties to include but not limited to providing information to councillors & members of the public, assisting with the preparation of agendas, minutes, correspondence & reports, processing planning application decisions & maintaining planning records, processing & booking hall hire & Mayoral appointments & managing the diary for the Mayor, assisting in the organisation of the city’s civic, public & private events & meetings, maintaining the digital resources of the council including website & social media. Good working knowledge of Microsoft office is essential. Minimum 5 GCSE grades A-C including Maths & English. Reporting to the Clerk the role is for 27.5 hours per week, 9am-3pm 5 days per week. Please e-mail or post your CV together with a covering letter saying why you are applying for the position to the Clerk, Mrs R Terry, The Mayors Parlour, Town Hall, Market Place South, Ripon HG4 1DD, closing date 31 October 2014. Interviews to take place week commencing 10 November with an immediate start for the right applicant.

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. I feel that the council aren’t doing anything for kirkgate. We almost feel neglected by the council. Any attempt at advertising shops down kirkgate is shot down. If we cannot advertise then you need to help us, otherwise we’re going to go bankrupt and Ripon is going to go down the pan yet again. The cathedral is the only thing bringing people down and the council need to help to get Ripon back to the shopping centre it used to be. Kirkgate needs pedestrianizing as that is the first step in helping us. Make it a boutique street full of cafes and shops as everyone believes it’s a run down street with no shops. We can’t do this alone.

    • Thanks for your message. The Council’s City Development Manager and some of the Ripon Councillors are working with other organisations to address some of the concerns that have been raised.

      Firstly, in relation to pedestrianisation of Kirkgate this is an issue that has been raised with North Yorkshire County Council, as the highway authority, as they are the only Council that can make this change. Having met with representatives of North Yorkshire County Council, the Chamber of Trade and the City Council have agreed the process by which pedestrianisation could be achieved, although this will involve consulting with all businesses and residents along Kirkgate and the surrounding area that would be affected by the changes.

      Secondly, in relation to advertising, could you please provide more specific details about how attempts have been “shot down” and we can look into this further. I am not aware of any specific action that Ripon City Council has taken but I am happy to take this forward on your behalf.

      I agree that the solutions to the problems facing Kirkgate cannot be achieved by anyone alone and equally we need to ensure that North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough Council, as well as Ripon City Council are aware of the problems you’re encountering and support us all to achieve the solutions we need.

  2. I’m sick and tired of seeing that Kirkgate should be pedestrianized, what about the rest of Ripon’s business’s and where they are trading, I for one as a town centre business owner would oppose any kind of idea. People should pay more attention to the whole of Ripon and not one street.

  3. I think Georgie is, quite naturally, looking for help for the location/area of her business in Kirkgate but at least there is the attraction of the cathedral that must take more foot traffic down Kirkgate than goes down North Street or Westgate. So, I have empathy for Mr Harrison’s view that the whole of Ripon’s businesses need as much help as they can get. The closures in recent years of M & S, Burtons, Philip Halls, Abbotts, the Health Food shop in the arcade and several small shops is a reflection of the recession the whole country has suffered. Or is there an element of the locals not supporting Ripon’s shops? Whatever, any help the local shops can be given would, I am sure, be welcomed. What about a few “directories” strategically placed, informing visitors and locals alike of the type of shops that are in and off the Market Place? They do the job in large indoor shopping centres, why not here?

  4. I am sick of the rate of speed vehicles are travelling up and down clotherholme road, it is absolutely beyond a joke now and before long their will be an accident. I live actually on clotherholme road and witness these speeds every single evening on my return home from work . Cars absolutely fly over the speed bumps currently in place and you can hear them crashing back down onto the road when they are flying over them. Also on top of this during term time the whole of clotherholme road is full of abandoned cars from parents that have no respect of the residents of this area and just dump their cars in the nearest place to go to the colleges. On 5 different occasions i have been unable to gain access to my property via the driveway due to cars being abandoned their. I have sent a complaint to the grammar school and my reply was that they had invested in parking onsite for parents ?? I think the whole of the side of the college should become double yellow lines due to the amount of traffic that comes up and down clotherholme road it stops the flow of traffic when cars are parked down this side of the road.

  5. Dear Sir or Madam

    I would like to know if there are any standards to which the shopkeepers of Ripon may be held to account? While the vast majority of shops open (and close) for business on time – accurately reflecting their published opening times, there is one in particular that consistently fails to open promptly. The shop in question was, today, again not open over an hour beyond the publicly scheduled time. At this point my parking ticket had expired and I was forced to leave the town both frustrated and empty handed. This tardy behaviour demonstrates a lack of respect towards consumers and it would be very helpful to know if there is a mechanism for redress.

    My continued thanks and appreciation to the many business owners of Ripon who strive to offer valuable services.

    Yours faithfully

    Alex Moore

    • Thank you for your comment.
      We can only suggest that you contact the business-owner directly and let them know your concerns, as there is no UK legislation which covers these issues.

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