Welcome to Ripon

This site is intended to give local residents and visitors information and news about Ripon, the council’s work and also links to local places to stay, shop, eat, and worship, and attractions and businesses.

Here you will also find news and information from Ripon City Council, its elected representatives, its meetings and the work it is doing across the city.

You can also find information on the Council’s finances, agendas and minutes for meetings and information on your local City Councillor.

Please see our news page for information on what is happening in Ripon here

For information on Ripon City Plan please see the new website:  www.riponcityplan.com


Harrogate Borough Council representatives (for the next four years)

Minster Ward – Cllr Z Metcalfe (conservative)

Moorside Ward – Cllr S Martin (conservative)

Spa Ward – Cllr M Chambers (conservative)

Parish council representatives (for the next four years)

Moorside Ward – Cllr Horton (Ind), Cllr Morgan (Ind), Cllr Waiting (Ind), Cllr Williams (Ind)

Spa Ward – Cllr Barnes (Cons), Cllr Chambers (Cons), Cllr Martin (Cons), Cllr Pearson (Cons), Cllr Willis (Cons)

Minster Ward – Cllr Bate (Ind), Cllr Hawke (Ind), Cllr McHardy (Ind) , Cllr Powell (Ind), Cllr Stanley (Cons)

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