Welcome to Ripon City Council

Welcome to Ripon City Council

Here you will find news and information from Ripon City Council, its elected representatives, its meetings and the work it is doing across the city.

You can also find information on the Council’s finances, agendas and minutes for meetings and information on your local City Councillor.

The Council is based within the Town Hall in Ripon, on the ground floor.

The Ripon City Plan is the Council’s adopted planning policy for the city, further information on the Ripon City Plan can be found on the new website:  www.riponcityplan.com

Ripon City Council is a parish council, a third tier council, and provides limited services to the public. The majority of public services are provided by either Harrogate Borough Council or North Yorkshire County Council.

You can read more about Ripon City Council HERE

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• Ripon City Council would like to thank the Ripon Photographic Society for suppying many of the images used on this website •